Tuesday, 29 July 2008

Creative Engineering Safari Windows Installation

Got Safaris? Yeah!

It's a real pleasure to drive with the windows up. Better than Air Conditioning! A nice update for the upcoming trip to Sardinia. Just need to wear sunglasses on high speeds hehe
I also got the rear of the doka a little higher and tuned the red konis on slow return, just for better driving when the Eriba Puck is towed and to avoid scratching the ground of rough roads.

Here is how I installed my Creative Engineering Safari Windows Kit:

I removed the wipers...

Then cut the seals to remove original glasses...

and two...

ok need to check the condition of the edge now

passenger outer side: some surface rust
no rust on the upper side
much rust on the driver inner side
no rust on passenger inner side
I sandblasted the parts needing repair
...masked and sprayed with antirust, then grey paint
I offered the frames... the bus is just ready to get the Safaris!

Nice view...
I measured both sides to ensure the frame is centered
Then marked the sides and the holes with my free IKEA pencil
I drilled 2 mm holes, then enlarged to 2.5-3 mm
Fixed the screws...
Here it comes up!

At this point I mounted the slides

I drilled and put the mounts on

Now the frames can stay in any positionI inserted the rubbers, trimming them

It's time for the glasses to go up, the most annoying task!
I used silicone grease to let the seals slip in the frame without plies.
Not exactly 5 minutes later...
I drilled the holes for the catches for a tight fit and fastened them on the dash

And at last... here is the result. At the sunset I had my first cruise with my Safaris up!

The sensation is really unique. Wind on your face, better than with a motorbike. You don't even need a helmet.
People seem to be impressed when they see you can enjoy fresh air. They cannot open their front glass on their Minis!!!

Monday, 21 July 2008

VW Meeting Staggia Senese 2008

Click on the pic to see the Photo Gallery...

Thursday, 10 July 2008

European Bug In #2 - EBI 2 with the GoldFather

Click on the pic to see the Photo Gallery of the trip to Chimay for the EBI 2.
A total of 2600 kms was no problem at all for The GoldFather...

Tuesday, 1 July 2008

Preparing for the European Bug In #2...

This time the car I usually drive to tow the trailer is stopped for a defect of fabrication to the heads, so I'm managing to drive the Goldfather for 1250 kms to Chimay and 1250 kms back home...!!!
Here is the spare tire... I had to use a spacer because it touched the caliper

I polished a little my Boyd Coddington wheels. I never did it since 2005.

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