Sunday, 6 April 2008

Some accessories mounted...

During last week Fabio from HH Garage installed some accessories I had bought...
Sorry for the not-so-nitid pics, I shot them by my mobile phone.
Here is the FoMoCo fog light, fitted through a custom made aluminum plate.

The fog light runs! It is a sealed beam 6 volt NOS unit. Great for those nights when normal headlights are not enough...

Here is a VDO 'bullet' tachometer. Installed through a custom made plate put in place of the usual ashtray.
I saw this for the first time at the 1st European Bug In, and I immediately thought it was the right one for my crew cab, with its rough black outer surface and cream numbers on black background. So when I found one on eBay Germany, I just bought it. It's not wired yet, because it is a 12 volt unit.

Here are my favorite add of the moment: the thin white band trims. I bought them from Mecatechnic in France, but the badge on the parcel says 'VW Heritage', so I think the French store buys them from the English store.
I like very much the result. The gloss black Teledials with polished edge looks at their best with these trims!

Overall appearance:

The day after, out in the sun.

Fabio also installed the 6 volt Bosch blue coil and the Bosch 010 distributor. The pics in next post. Stay tuned!