Thursday, 13 July 2006

All started this way...

After the beautiful experience with my first aircooled VW, The Goldfather, in July 2006 I was in search of a nice crew cab to start a new project.
I knew it was impossible to find one in Italy, so I turned my attention abroad. After some weeks I found that this nice '63 at was again for sale, after a period it appeared as 'sale pending'. It had a 'kind of a rustic charm', as Graham of FBI VW said.

As I noticed later it was for sale also on Volksword magazine, but at a higher price...
It was pointed - I think wrongly- as a '62...

I contacted Graham by email and I could understand the Bus was coming from a vineyard in California so it had some rust but still solid underneath. I could also get some pics...

It was not enough for a purchase yet. But Graham answered all my doubts and questions and seemed to be a reliable professional person. The price also was quite high for me, but, you know, it's the standard today.

Graham told me also he couldn't ship the vehicle to Italy or give me some 'export plates' like they do in Germany, but told me the bus had passed the MOT. I thought: at least it can stop!
I asked for more detailed pics and I could get them in a few time.

Rear right corner was one of the worst areas but easy fix.

Scratched or somehow repaired lower sides...

Shot by a machinegun? ;-/

Feet panel had been replaced by Graham himself for the MOT...
The bus has had a new front panel skin
fitted in the past which has some room for improvement but it was
straight and not dented...

Another rusty hole was under the front left headlight...

Inviting luxury interiors... (split bench somewhat confirms 1963 birth)

No back bench at all :-( (hope to find one...)

Is this a door lock or what??? Graham was honest to let me see work to be done
I just couldn't go from Italy to the UK only to check things up!

Nice surface rust on the roof. Will it degenerate in a few time or not?

The bed and time-correct little back window, and also a spare 15" wheel
Rear view and engine hood damaged but still working.
the monkey is an idea from Graham... nice guy!

UK number plates are so beautiful in my opinion!
A pity I will have to change with awful modern-styled Italian ones..

Someone crashed into the rear left corner or just a bad reverse?

A look at the inside...

It seems underneath is not so bad!

These pics and Graham professionality (and my strong willing to own a crew cab)
convinced me to give FBI VW the 25% of the total sum as a deposit.