Saturday, 23 December 2006


I asked Udo to install a tow-hook in Germany because in Italy it's difficult to register it. Here are some pics.

These are the awful wires needed for emergency turn signals and operating of trailer or Eriba lights.

Tank gauge is not running. In these days I have to check if the problem is electrical or more probably inside the tank.

99,000 miles through the vineyards...

Water for the windscreen is operated by this awful switch probably mounted in UK

Nice non functioning US radio set:

Carpet from Mali (Africa) acts as a seat cover:

The spare wheel is still there...

Horror Vacui...

Environmental stickers:

Class II Truck:

Truck with gross vehicle weight (GVW) of 6,001-10,000 lbs

Rust is hungry of the lower engine hood...

6V battery...

Not so clear pic of the chassis plate:

A new muffler had been installed by Udo for German registration:

At the present moment I have these German documents:

The TUV approval:

The black license plate I have mounted to impress the people at Italian meetings. I like it!

Original USA license plate that used to be on the bus before it crossed the Ocean:

Documents from USA I found in the cab. The bus was circulating in Sonoma, California (north of San Francisco).

This is the 'M' plate I found behind the front passenger seat. I tried to read it.
22 4 means the vehicle was manufactured on 22 April
428 means North American export package for commercials
UF is an export code indicating
the destination of this pickup was in USA, San Francisco (CA)
265 is the model number: double cab left hand drive with right cab door
3 seems to mean it has a synthetic resin paint
Grey is the color of the paint: Light Grey (L345) body with Grey (80) trim
1102605 is the chassis number: from production schemes we understand it's been produced in 1963

Tuesday, 19 December 2006

Maggiolino Modena Show 16 December

Last weekend we attended a little Christmas meeting in Modena, a nice city in Emilia.
It was organized by Club Volkswagen Italia
We parked the VWs in the main square, under the Dome.
This sepia pic is by my friend Marco from Bologna.

More pics by my friend Francesco from Prato.

This is the California license plate I bought from Ebay, period correct and on a nice frame from Huntington Beach.

The Dome of Modena, I guess...

Many Italian meetings are an excuse to eat and drink like pigs...
and we don't have to make many efforts to adapt!

Please don't give me a microphone after too much wine...!

I received a prize, but it's only to encourage me to restore this rusty bus!

We met this young guy, his name is Felix (Cartacio) and he is from S. Domingo but has been living in Bologna for 10 years. He seems able to build the turbo motor for my doka...

On the way back Marco took more pics like this from his green bug. Nice to drive through the city.

Friday, 15 December 2006

Grills installed and some ideas for the future...

Yesterday night I took a pair of pics after installing the headlight grills. My grandpa (he is 95!) created the missing piece from steel, he is an artist.

VW logo is somewhat subtle at night...

She's got the look!

Note the coloured hand-made carpet from Mali (Africa). I and Silvia bought it this summer from DJAMREK just to cover the seat.

She's got the look too...

Pic by Ed Fox (he's got a 'de-colored' doka and makes sexy models awesome portraits)

Some stuff found on The Samba

To IRS the rear I need something like this, from a Super Beetle

I used Photoshop to have an idea of what it would be like when lowered and 'Steinered'
This is really insipiring for me... You know I'm on the kustom side...
The color is great. A Candy Apple Red. But there's time for paint.

This is a model from Jada Toys

Another pic of Der Steiner Rad. I simply love it!

This pics helps to understand what I'm willing to have underneath...

Peter from belgium said can create one 100% new for me. Narrowed 10 cm, adjustable and ready for airbags.

Again photoshopped with Flat 4 Sprint Stars

Another idea is to fit a turbo motor next year. There are some ready to fit. But I have time since I want to begin with lowering and brakes first.

Nice little 'ratty' 1/24 doka from Jada Toys. Soon for sale