Monday, 31 March 2008

The Vinestard vs Italian lowered single cab

Tonight a friend of mine reached the HH Garage with his lowered ratty VW single cab. It is a pre 62 (bullet turnlights and rear little round taillights). A photoshoot was obvious! My one seems around one inch lower. But I can go lower than this... :-P
I left the doka at the garage to install some accessories... stay tuned!

Wednesday, 26 March 2008

The Vinestard vs. stock 1967 Italian double cab

Last Monday at Hot Heads Garage my friend Massimo came with his stock Italian 1967 double cab, so we couldn't miss a shot of the two VW crew cab pickups together. They are so rare! and here in Italy his one is the only I could see on the streets... and with original Italian number plates!

You can note the differences, first in height! My one is much lower than stock, thanks to Peter surgery. More evident differences are: the rear window on The Vinestard is of the little type (she's a '63), US bumpers, red US rear lights, 6 volt electrics, side vents and... opps I left my dropgates at home, sorry!
We also drove part of the street home together, it was fun to cruise on Milan's freeway side by side... then his reduction boxes had the worse. :-P