Saturday, 29 December 2007

Door Locks & Keys

Yesterday I decided to solve the problem of closing the doka's doors. I had one new key and managed to use it to open the driver's door and the cab door.

One cylinder was broken on the top, but I fixed it with a special glue, and for now it runs.

Deciding what pieces insert to make the key turn.

Applying the glue...

Then it was time to drive the bus to a friend's house for a Xmas dinner. 130 kms with no problems. :-)
What better than reading a book on old custom VWs while stroking a nice cat and then chatting about carburettors, engines, exhausts together with friends?

Tuesday, 18 December 2007

Bosch 010 distributor bought on eBay

Christmas shopping on eBay! I bought this Bosch 010 distributor. It comes from the US and it seems complete. I have to wait for a while, but I hope it arrives around Christmas time.
I'm going to try this dizzy on my doka!

Friday, 7 December 2007

Towing home the Eriba Puck

Today is the right day for taking the little Eriba home. It is around 12 kms from my house in Pistoia.

I had to create a hand-made rear license plate matching the one of my car

Close up on Eriba Puck logo... nice!

This is the original trailer license plate from 1973, when it was imported in Italy

A look inside...

M-plate from Hymer

Front bent window... perfect match for an old VW!

Front badge...

Fabio, the seller, is enjoying making the transaction with my credit card in the open air. You should see MY face...

Fabio owns himself a modern VW Transporter (T5?) He leaves in a hurry for another appointment.

Then I had to wait for his collaborator that went to buy an adapter to make the old-style few-pins plug of the Eriba match with the new many-pins plug of my Seat.


Now the lights work.. ehm 'almost' all the lights

So I immediately take the way of my trusty electrician, Mr. Breschi, a pair of kms away.

The right rear light and the license plate light don't work.

The problem is on the worn plug, to be changed with a better one...

In the meantime I take a look at the original papers...

Here is the new plug. Tough!

Here it is, finally at home.

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Thursday, 6 December 2007

VW Space Up! Blue Concept (Bologna Motor Show)

Sorry if I talk about modern vehicles today, but -you know- VW is in my heart, so...
FORZA VOLKSWAGEN!!! Hurry up with the Space Up! Blue Concept
Today I was at the Bologna Motor Show, and I had a close look to this nice version of the concept model.

This was the draw:

And this is the result. With those little windows on the roof it reminds me of the mitical Samba Bus:

It features also a bigger than usual front logo, and round external mirrors... like in the good old times!And THE ENGINE IS IN THE BACK!

Look a those doors! No pillars in the middle.Thin seats for more space. Open space.

Simple and minimal dashboard. Effective.

Rear view. I have to train my eye to this, actually.Perhaps in 2010 we will go on the beach like this?

Watch a video of the presentation in L.A. Auto Show

Saturday, 10 November 2007

Old-style toe-in

It's good to see this beauty in the garden, but it needs some professional toe-in, in order to drive better and avoid uneven tire wear.

Since it's not possible to use modern methods, I went to Mr. Spapperi, one who could use the old style method for the toe in.

Back again home, and parked aside Silvia's '63 Karmann Ghia. Good couple eh?

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