Saturday, 28 July 2007

Dropped spindles

The old spindles, 44 year dirt...

Worn pins and bushings

Precious Californian dirt from the 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s...

Destroyed shims

The new beam installed and waiting for the revised dropped spindles and new king & link pins...

Here we are!

Over 7000 visits!

Tuesday, 24 July 2007

The PBW Airbeam

Peter projected his own air beam some time ago:
4" narrower than stock, adjustable via airbags or standard racket adjusters

Last year he was testing it on his samba bus...

The beam was still needing its definitive upper brackets for the bags...

Then he created the brackets

Last week he welded the upper brackets in place:

Bags lower brackets were also fitted:

Peter cleaned the swing lever and the trailing arms

Then he cutted the leaves 2" (5 cm) each side to the new 4" (10 cm) narrower airbeam and welded them together again.

Then he painted the beam and put in the new bushings:

Installed the bags and the trailing arms:

The finished beam:

The original steering idler pin needed a substitute...

It arrived together with the new mounting kit, track rods and track rod ends.

New pin installed:

Track rods were shortened and rethreaded:

The old beam could be taken off after some clever work to remove the shiftrod, the clutch cable, the mechanical brake cables, the tie rod steering bar:

The Vinestard is now impatient for the new beam...

Got dirt?

Leaves that were broken:

And the new beam is on!

See the original PBW logo on the brackets:

The bag is very near to the heater tube. Peter reworked the upper bracket to avoid cutting the tube. I hope it doesn't touch when working!!!

Next come the dropped spindles and the 944 brakes... stay tuned!