Sunday, 30 September 2007

Stage 1 Finished!

Here we are! It looks so Californian! ISN'T IT COOL?Peter put his Belgian number plate to go out on the street...
Everything is there for the stage 1 of the project: raised steering box, four Porsche 944 disc brakes, IRS with adjustable spring plates, narrowed adjustable beam, dropped spindles, hydraulic line loc, Koni red shocks, Teledials.
154 cm is the height of the roof just behind the front door.
I could subscribe the Steering Box Scrapers club now...
With the 1.4" raised steering box, the lowest thing on the front is the horn now.
The body on the rear wheel arch is 42 cm from the ground.

Last sight. I just LOVE it! Thanks Peter for the nice lowering job! He IS clever.
Soon I will post the pics of the steering box raising, the brakes fitting, the line loc installing.
In the meantime visit The Slambulance Blog

Doca's first test run

First engine startup

The Vinestard has again his running 1500 H inside. It works. But the 6v battery is soon to be changed or everything be upgraded to 12v system.

Monday, 3 September 2007

IRS: last touches to get the lowest possible!

Some more pics... trying to get it to the lowest possible position! ;-P
Peter modified the a-arms and the chassis legs in order to keep one distant from the other.

A-arms notched and rewelded for strenghtening:

Same thing on the chassis:

Now the doka can go much lower than before...

Look! The center cap is right under the edge of the wheel arch!
38 centimeters (15") from the ground... and with 215/60 R15 tires!
With smaller diameter tires you can go even a little lower than this!
In fact the physical limit now is the tire touching the wheel arch. The bus is actually sitting on the 'arches...
So trying the lowest ROLLING position. With this height perhaps you cannot drive on the streets, but you may enjoy f..king around at shows hehe

Look at the chassis. It's at a few centimeters from the ground...
Front view... scaring!Now it's time for Porsche brakes...