Tuesday, 19 August 2008

Sardinia (4) with Eriba Puck + VW Bus

Driving in the nature... towards Munavera, on the South East coast
A typical 'nuraghe' along the street

At the Village 'I 4 Mori' with the moonlight
Incredibly turquoise water between Costa Rei and Villasimius
A Spanish 17 years old guy we gave a lift to. He was thumbing and spending his holiday with 3 euros a day for food.
We stopped on the road, descending a steep slope (15 minutes walk) to reach one fo the most beautiful places where you can swim...
Look at this water!
Swimming pool?
What style of diving is this??? hehehe bomb style

The difficult part was to get to the doka again, but we did it
Driving on the SS125...
Horses on the street...
Rocky mountains...

PIGS! I tried to mix with them...
Pigs freely f..ing around on the street

around 1000 meters from the sea level
Then downhill road full of bends and precipices...
Lonely cloud chatting with its own shade...
6.00 AM trying to get the ferry in time...
Do you know how to spend 5 hours without getting bored?
On the way home we spotted this VW powered trike
And some strange Citroen objects returning from an International meeting in Rome...
What is it like to drive something like this???
It gives place to six people to sleep

Sunday, 17 August 2008

Sardinia (3) with Eriba Puck + VW Bus

The doka dirty because of off-road driving

Sweeties at a local 'sagra'

Driving at night can be difficult in such lonely roads with 6v electrics
Moon shined in those days...
The full set up

Lights in Pula for San Giovanni
gazebos on a beach near Chia

The crew cab on the grass, a few meters from the water...

Open those safaris!!!
Let's stop here and take some pics in the sunset
In the sunset... testing the sand

Silvia relaxing on the bed

Wednesday, 13 August 2008

Sardinia (2) with Eriba Puck + VW Bus

We visited the nice places and beaches of the South West Sardinia, keeping the Eriba at the Cala D'Ostia camping, near Pula.Here's the doka at the camping. Beautiful atmosphere.
The little two-places caravan

We also used the original Eriba awning, since we stayed until the 16 August. Useful!
Having dinner inside a Puck is always a romantic and happy experience
This was the view right outside the camping. The safaris were also useful, just to be in direct touch with Nature!

Rough roads to reach the best beach is a constant

Salt area behind a beach

We had to do this! A sand tribute to a 45 year old tireless worker

One of the most particular beaches was through a military area

5 kms of white road to reach the white sand beach

Here are 20 meters high dunes!
The beach from the dunes

I'm the king of the wooooorld! hehehe

This is 'Peace of mind'