Thursday, 12 July 2007

Low-Budget Wheels & Tires

To begin, I was needing a set of cheap tires and wheels.
I chose one of the lowest-valued Porsche-pattern wheel around (if you exclude spare rims of course). The unfamous Teledials (Telefon, Phone Dials or how you call the rims from the Porsche 924/944).
I found a set on eBay Germany that are beautifully painted gloss black in the center and have polished edge. Highest effect at minimum cost.

6 x 15" ET52 front
7 x 15" Et23 rear
(hope they fit!)

Then I had to think about the right tire size to match the rims and to have the right stance and driving.
Again I had to find cheap ones so I bought these from Delticom in Germany:

175/50 R15 front (avoids rubbing on top + not too narrow + right for 6" rims)
215/60 R15 rear (permits cruising at reasonable speed + good for 7" rims)

On the front, even if the tread is 175 mm like the original, it seems much wider.

Shoulder is now /50 instead of /80, so the tire is indeed much lower (more than 10 cms in diameter, so it lower the vehicle by around 5 cms).

On the back the difference in width is clear (175->215 mm)

The rear diameter changes only by a pair of cms (lowering the bus of around 1 cm)

Evident difference between front and rear tires!

But I could find a very similar design. Lucky man!

Peter had the tires installed on the wheels. Cool sight!

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